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SJ30 High Performance Business Jet

Exclusive Distributor for California, Nevada, Arizona & Hawaii


The SJ30 offers the discerning purchaser high altitude comfort, performance and economy while applying state of the art technology at the sharp end of business jet design. The SJ30 offers a max cruise speed of 0.83mach or 486kts and has the NBAA IFR range of 2500nm, further than any light business jet in its class.

The SJ30 has 12 PSI delta from the pressurization system which means that passengers and crew will enjoy sea level comfort at 41,000ft resulting in reduced jet lag allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed for that business meeting or golf tournament. Ed Swearingen the designer of this unique aircraft has combined performance, style and technology to create an aircraft that has a 91 knot stall speed at the lower end of the range and a high cruise speed of 486kts; this can only be achieved by applying heavy jet technology to a light business jet. The SJ30 offers leading edge slats and fowler flaps, providing that unique performance criteria. Additionally a 32 degree swept wing is more akin to a fighter aircraft than any corporate jet. The 2 Williams FJ44-2A Fan Jet engines provide a total thrust of 4600lbs which power the SJ30 to 49,000ft, much higher than any other light jet. The capability to reach higher cruise altitudes means less fuel burn, which in turn makes the SJ30 the most economical light jet in its class offering the lowest operating costs per mile as well as providing unique speed, range and service ceiling.

Call now to experience the performance, style and technology certified in the 21st century for the 21st century.