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SJ30 Economics

SJ30 Economics


Value to Price Ratio: Are you getting what you paid for? The makers of the SJ30 had one simple goal…build a business jet that would be faster, have longer range, and have the greatest economics of any jet in its class. That goal has been met. The SJ30 is an investment in your lifestyle and freedom by saving you significant amounts of time and money.


From a dream to a reality, the SJ30 is entering the marketplace as the world’s best value light business jet. The SJ30 sips 25 percent less fuel and still gets there faster. The SJ30 has the lowest operating cost per mile in the world for light business jets. Every trip becomes more productive. The SJ30 is the ultimate combination for saving time and money. The economics alone clearly favor your choice of the SJ30.


New Aircraft Certificated Altitude High Speed Cruise KTS Long Range
Cruise KTS
Range Max Fuel w/Avail Payload Ferry NM Cost per
NM **
SJ30 49,000 486 447 2,614 2752 $1.47
Premier 1A 41,000 451 369 1,360 1374 $1.61
CJ1+ 41,000 377 329 1,248 1311 $1.68
CJ2+ 45,000 407 351 1,550 1605 $1.66
CJ3 45,000 414 348 1,771 1806 $1.77
LEARJET 40 51,000 457 428 1,553 1714 $2.17

** Performance figures taken from Business and Commercial Aviation Operators Planning Guide. Prices shown are 2007 prices.


SJ30 speed comparison chart