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SJ30 Style

SJ30 style banner


The SJ30 is the embodiment of grace, elegance and performance. The graceful lines of the SJ30 convey the sense that this is no ordinary machine - you can feel the speed! Elegance, from the ground up, is evident from the trailing-link landing gear, the sleek fuselage and swept wings. The 32” door opens to classic design and exquisite appointments, the hallmark of the SJ30 interior. The side-facing belted lavatory is certified for takeoff and landing. Passengers can make calls to anywhere in the world with the optional Iridium satellite phone. Temperature and lighting controls are located in the aft club and readily available to the passengers. The forward-facing seating in the aft cabin is as wide as first class airline seats and recline to a full-berthing position. Style, in SJ30 terms, is defined as performance, comfort, safety, and value that you would only expect in jets far beyond this price level.


Typical Interior Floorplan


SJ30 typical interior floorplan


Large forward-facing, fully-reclining seats in the rear provide comfort for the longer trips. The rear-facing seats also recline for added comfort. Forward of the club seating is an internal baggage area. Opposite the baggage area is the refreshment center. A belted lavatory (approved for takeoffs and landings) finishes the 12 ft 6 in cabin. The 12 psi cabin pressurization sets the SJ30 apart from any other aircraft in the world. Not even the Space Shuttle or the Concorde supersonic airliners have this level of cabin comfort. The passengers and crew will fly virtually all flights with a sea-level cabin, breathe 34% more oxygen and not suffer,annoying pressure changes as with other cabins. You will arrive feeling more relaxed and refreshed.


SJ30 layout