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SJ30 Technology

SJ30 Cockpit


The SJ30 is one of the most technologically advanced light business jets on the market today. Dual tires on all three struts ensure an added measure of safety. Trailing-link gear smoothes out the taxiing and the landings. Leading edge slats combined with the Fowler flaps allow the 32.6 degree swept wing to fly at near supersonic speeds and then land at a comfortable 105 kt V ref speed. The cockpit is equipped with the latest flat panel technology. The amazing "Epic™" Control Display System (CDS) is standard in every SJ30.


Passengers will find 110V power outlets, data ports, light and heat controls at their fingertips. The SJ30 has the most outstanding cabin pressure system in the world. At 12 psi, the SJ30 has no competition. Internal cabin storage and a large external, aft baggage compartment round out this perfect package of speed, range…and good looks.


Performance - It Starts with the Wing

Swept back 32.6 degrees, with a proprietary airfoil designed to maximize performance with the Williams International FJ44-2A engine, it's the most sophisticated wing in the light jet industry. The swept-back wing offers speed - more speed than you can buy in any other aircraft costing twice as much.


Easy-to-use fowler flaps coupled with slats transform the wing into a short field performer that gets you in and out of 3,000 ft runways at light loads, and 4,000 ft runways at maximum loads.
SJ30 Wing Image


Next Jet Group Performance

Engines - Power and Economy


Williams International FJ44-2A fanjets, with "wide sweep fan" technology offer more thrust, exceptional quality, lighter weight and lower fuel consumption. In combination with the high technology wing, they give you the speed and range you would only expect in jets far beyond this price level.


The SJ30 Standard Cockpit Panel


The SJ30 cockpit features the Honeywell Primus Epic™ (CDS) avionics package, designed for safety and reliability; it is compliant with Global operating standards and provides you with comfort and control


SJ30 cockpit panel key


1. Lighting Control Panel
2. Emergency Light Switch
3. Ice Protection Control Panel
4. System Test Panel
5. Magnetic Compass
6. Guidance Control Panel
7. Pilot Master Caution /Warning
8. Flap Handle
9. Speedbrake Switch
10. Copilot Master Caution /Warning
11. Parking Brake
12. Oxygen Arm Panel
13. Pilot Push to Talk Switch
14. Baro Modes
15. Left Engine Fire Annunciator /Handle
16. Annunciator Panel

17. Right Engine Fire Annunciator /Handle
18. Secondary Trim Panel
19. Copilot Push to Talk Switch
20. Digital Clock
21. Angle of Attack Indicator
22. Integrated Fuel & Electrical Panel
23. Pilot Avionics Master & Reversion Switches
24. Pilot Primary Flight Display (8x10)
25. Pilot Primary Flight Display Controller
26. Pilot Audio Control Panel
27. Clearance Delivery Head
28. Engine Control Panel
29. Landing Gear Handle
30. Anti-Skid Brakes Panel
31. Multifunction Display (8x10)
32. Standby Airspeed Indicator
33. Standby Attitude Indicator
34. Standby Altimeter
35. Pilot Radio Management Unit
36. Copilot Radio Management Unit
37. Multifunction Display Controller
38. WX Radar Controller
39. Integrated Cabin Temperature & Pressurization Control Panel
40. Copilot PFD (8x10)
41. Copilot PFD Controller
42. Cabin Pressure Altimeter
43. Copilot Audio Control Panel
44. Copilot Avionics Master & Reversion Switches
45. Flight Hour Meter
46. FMS
47. Power Levers
Items 48 - 52 are not depicted on image - Side Panels
48. Oxygen Control Panel
49. Pilot Oxygen Mask
50. Copilot Oxygen Mask
51. Nose Wheel Steering Control Panel
52. Left /Right Circuit Breaker Panels